Phen375 FAQs

Below listed are some of the FAQ’s which are commonly asked regarding the usage of Phen375 by people consuming these weight loss pills for the first time.

11. How many tablets do I need to take in a day?
The recommended intake of tablets in a day is 2. One in the morning and the other right after you have had lunch
22. How fast does Phen375 work?
As per the opinion of many consumers Phen375 begins to work within an hour after you have consumed the tablet with increased energy levels. People also undergo significant weight loss within their first week of usage of Phen375.
33. Is Phen375 free from side effects?
Phen375 has no reported side effects; unlike the use of other drugs you will not experience any jittery effects of its use since it does not rely on stimulants for boosting human body metabolic rate.
44. Is it important for me to diet before the intake of Phen375?
According to many consumers who regularly use Phen375, there is no need for the person to be on diet when intaking Phen375.
55. Does Phen375 come with money back guarantee?
Every Phen375 purchased comes with a money back guarantee of 45 days from the syndicated manufacturer.